Indonesian Voyage

Lorentz National Park

 This national park has high biodiversity and is supported by amazing cultural diversity. It is estimated that this culture is 30,000 years old and is the residence of the Nduga, West Dani, Amungme, Sempan and Asmat tribes. It is possible that there are still people living remotely in this wilderness who have not yet had contact with modern humans.

The Asmat tribe is famous for their sculptural skills. According to his beliefs, the tribe is synonymous with forests or trees. The tree trunk is represented as the human body, the branches as the arms, and the fruit as the human head. Trees are considered as a place where the spirits of their ancestors live. The Asmat community system that respects trees also applies to rivers, mountains and so on.

From the city of Timika to the northern part of the area using pioneer flights and to the southern part using ships via Sawa Erma Port, followed by footpaths to several locations. From the city of Wamena to the southern part of the area, use a car to Lake Habema, followed by walking to Trikora Peak

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