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Banana Island on the Coast of Lampung


Pisang Island is one of the westernmost islands in Lampung Province which directly faces the Indian Ocean. This island is a separate sub-district within the West Coast District, Lampung Province.

The origin of the name Pulau Pisang is from its shape like a banana, when viewed from the top of the mainland of Sumatra Island. So this name is very popular in that area. To get to this island we have to explore the western region of Lampung Province, starting with a road trip to Krui City with a distance of approximately 7 hours by car from Bandar Lampung City.
Travel to this island can be through two accesses, namely the first through the Tobacco area. From this Shoot it only takes about half an hour by boat to reach this island. while the second access is via the Krui pier, from this pier by boat it takes about one hour.

About 45 minutes drive from the Krui pier, visitors will be presented with dozens of bottlenose type dolphins with the Latin name Tursiops Truncatus This is like an attraction in the middle of the ocean.

The stretch of sand and clear sea water and lined coconut trees on this island provide comfort that you can't find anywhere else. Moreover, the view of the rolling waves gives a sense of awe, which is complemented by the presence of a barge stranded on this beach.

Homestay accommodation on West Coast Banana Island
When traveling on this island, you can stay at a homestay.
Residents' houses used as lodging.
Stay with the owner of the house.

Tourists who don't want to stay at homestays, inns, or residents' houses can bring camping tents, then set up tents on this beach.
Fish on Pisang Island can be obtained easily considering that many residents of Pisang Island work as fishermen.
Apart from enjoying the white sands at Pulau Pisang Pier, don't miss going around Pulau Pisang by renting motorbikes from local residents.
Motorbike rental rates are around 50 thousand rupiah per day.
If you walk around Banana Island, it seems too tiring, with the area of ​​the island reaching 200 hectares.
Budget Cost to Banana Krui Island
If you go to Pisang Island using public transportation, the cost details from Bandar Lampung are more or less:

    Transport from Bandar Lampung to Krui/Tembakak:
        Car rental: around 250,000/day.
        Take the Rajabasa-Krui bus or take a trip around IDR 100,000.
    Boat Crossing to Banana Island:
        Follow the Ferry Boat Schedule (at 8 am and 2 pm): Rp. 15-20 thousand one way.
        Rent your own boat: IDR 400-700 thousand round trip.
    Homestays: IDR 150-300 thousand.
    Meals: around IDR 15,000 to. Rp. 20,000, - one meal (relative).
    Motorbike rental on Banana Island: IDR 50,000 per day.
    Car storage fee at Tebakak/Krui Pier if you bring your own car: around IDR 50,000 per day.

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