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Lake Sentani tourism areas in Papua

 Lake Sentani is one of the leading tourism areas in Papua. This lake with stunning views encompasses 24 villages with various arts and culture that are attractive to tourists. In fact, in the opinion of some local residents, handicrafts such as bark paintings and rock paintings are among the best artistic products in all of Papua.

This attractive tourism condition does not only stop at natural and cultural wealth. These advantages are taken to a further level by the local government through the Lake Sentani Festival. This festival is held once a year, usually in mid-June.

Lake Sentani is in the Sentani area, the capital of Jayapura Regency. This lake can be reached in 15 minutes from Sentani airport and stretches wide along the way to the city of Jayapura. You will feel a cool breeze and peaceful calm when you enter the Lake Sentani area. In fact, to be more at one with the nature of Lake Sentani, tourists can go around and visit the islands on Lake Sentani by renting available motorized boats.

Around Lake Sentani there are seven villages. The seven villages are Hobong, Simporo, Babrongko, Ifale, Sosiri, Yakonde, and Kampung Yobeh. The Pamsimas program, which aims to increase access to drinking water and sanitation, is urgently needed by the local community. Even though Lake Sentani has abundant water, at first the residents could not make good use of it because of customary laws that still apply.

Two villages, namely Babrongko and Yobeh villages, are villages that actually use Lake Sentani water as a source of raw water for clean water needs for the people around the lake. Residents of the community have started to apply contributions for the continuation of the Pamsimas Program in the two villages.

It seems, one day is not enough to enjoy the beauty of Lake Sentani. But there's no need to worry, because around the lake and the city of Sentani, lodging is available at affordable prices if you feel the need to stay overnight. Lake Sentani is a beautiful lake full of natural beauty and unique local cultural values. After enjoying it, we will be more and more sure how beautiful and rich this beloved Indonesia is

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