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Mie Aceh

Mi Aceh is none other than one of the typical Indonesian dishes originating from the Aceh region. Mie Aceh is one of the culinary specialties origina…

Pantai momong, mempesona di Bukit Meunasah Balee

There are a number of undiscovered beaches in Aceh Besar as well. These beaches provide stunning, unusual scenery. Momong Beach is one of them. This …

Rubiah Island Paradise Sabang In aceh

Sabang is a city located in the northern part of Banda Aceh City. The city of Sabang is located on Pulau Weh. Weh in Acehnese means run away. Maybe b…

Zero Kilometer Indonesia

Indonesia's zero kilometer marker starts from the northern tip of the island of Weh. Pulau Weh itself is the westernmost region of Indonesia, loc…

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