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The beauty of the Gili Islands in Lombok

Gili Islands is one of the most visited tourist attractions by tourists. Islands which are the advantages of Lombok

Minimal air pollution, simple way of life, and a calm atmosphere makes anyone who lives in it will be felt at home and does not want to leave this island. Remarkably, residents on this island prefer to use traditional transportation such as carriages and pedicabs rather than using motorbikes. This is what makes the air in this place not much contaminated by pollution.

There are many choices of accommodation on this island scattered in most island areas.

When you are in the Gili Islands, you will not see motorized vehicles on the streets, this is because local regulations that prohibit the use of motorized vehicles on this island.

If you want to get around the island, you can use a bicycle that is widely rented by the locals and rent Cidomo (a type of horse car that is typical of Lombok). Not all areas around the island can be crossed by bicycles and some roads are still sand. So when you cycling, sometimes you need to guide a bicycle.

This island is very often visited by tourists, especially foreign tourists who vacation in Bali. They will definitely take the time to vacation on Gili Trawangan Island. If foreign tourists really like this island, surely this island has a unique beauty.

This place also offers diving and snorkeling for tourists who want to see beautiful underwater scenery. Beautiful beach with soft white sand provides a fantastic view.

At night, this sea view is decorated with moonlight on sea level and bright stars make the night more perfect.

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