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Marina Beach, Kalianda, Lampung.

The beach that presents a large and beautiful stretch of coral. And the beach is flanked by hills at the back. The atmosphere will be exotic, even though it has a little sand on the beach side.

One of the beaches that face directly with the Indian Ocean so as to produce waves crashing against the charming coral. Breathe the fresh beach air by looking at the blue sea off.
The location of Marina beach is still around the Kalianda sub-district, South Lampung, Indonesia.  Precisely in the village of Merak Belantung. 63 KM from Bandar Lampung city or 55 km from Bakauheni port in Lampung. The location is not far from the popular Ketapang Beach and Tapak Kera Beach.

As a form of support for travelers, the manager pampers with some of the existing facilities such as a courtyard built on a rock for a place to look at the surrounding nature. 
There is a play ground and recreation park that functions as a people's amusement park. Very supportive for those who bring children. There are several cottages for shelter, but if wanting to take shelter and enjoy the beautiful view of the Marina beach under a shady tree on the back bank of the beach, is also available.

The beautiful coral rocks that are the icon of this Marina beach. The different sizes of corals certainly make beautiful photo spots when the waves hit the rocks. Moreover, on the right side there is a size of rock that is large enough so that it can be climbed as an interesting photo spot. There is one rock that is unique even among photographers. Stone shaped like a bird's head and there are plants on it. People call it Rock Crested. The stretch of sand is not that wide, but the texture of the sand on the beach is very soft when you hold it. Especially if you walk barefoot, you will feel the softness of the Marina beach sand.
For those who bring a motorized vehicle, can enter the beach so can enjoy the beauty of the sea water from each respective vehicles.

The manager has also provided toilets so that it is comfortable to change clothes after playing on the beach, you need to spend only IDR 5K.
It is enough to pay an entrance ticket of IDR 15K per person and this is not comparable to what you will get at this Marina beach. The manager provides a fee of IDR 10K for car parking and only IDR 5K  for motorbikes.

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