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Arborek Beach in Raja Ampat, West Papua, is a popular tourist spot with breathtaking natural beauty. This beach is the best location to unwind and appreciate nature's beauties because of its soft white sand, pure sea water, and breathtaking undersea vistas

This beach, which located on the little island of Arborek, offers breathtaking views of amazing coral reefs and a wide variety of marine life. A beautiful contrast is produced between the fine, white sand and the crystal-clear ocean. In addition, this beach is also known for the traditional Arborek stilt cottages that are built above the water. The appeal and distinctiveness of Arborek beach are enhanced by this perspective.

Fly to Domine Eduard Osok Airport in Sorong, West Papua, to go to Arborek Beach. After that, you can travel to Arborek via ferry or fast boat. Depending on the weather and the state of the sea, this excursion often lasts between two and three hours. Another option is to charter a boat from Raja Ampat's capital city of Waisai to Arborek.

There are numerous hotels and resorts on Arborek Beach that provide guests with cozy lodging. You have the option of staying at a beachfront resort with breathtaking views or choose lodging run by the neighborhood. To enjoy Arborek beach to its fullest, make sure to reserve lodging far enough in advance.

The price of admission to Arborek beach may vary depending on local policies. However, generally the entry fee is affordable and a contribution to the preservation of the environment and the local community. Be sure to check the latest admission prices before going to Arborek beach.

Arborek Beach operates all year round and is usually open from morning to evening. However, it is important to remember that the hours of operation may change depending on the weather and sea conditions. So, we recommend that you check your itinerary and confirm the beach operating hours with the management or local tour agency before leaving.

With its stunning natural beauty, Arborek beach is a must-visit beach destination in Raja Ampat. Enjoy soft white sand, stunning underwater views, and unique traditional stilt houses above the water. Don't forget to bring your snorkeling or diving equipment to explore the incredible marine life around the beach. Immediately plan your trip to Arborek beach and feel its unparalleled charm.

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