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Be a make believe cowboy at De Ranch, Lembang, Bandung

A family-friendly destination in Bandung, Indonesia with a Western/Cowboy vibe is called De Ranch Lembang. This Lembang tourism attraction is now well-known. Given its convenient proximity to Lembang's city core, the position is strategically advantageous. De Ranch offers numerous excursions and a wide range of amenities. There are several attractions, including kid-friendly rides, roundtrip transportation, food courts, and water slides. as lots of open area, clean air, and accommodations for visiting families.

De Ranch is a family-friendly amusement park with a cowboy theme. De Ranch has a cowboy theme, therefore everything from the parking lot to the tourist area is designed with a cowboy atmosphere. De Ranch parking lot is distinctive since it resembles a stable. The focus of this tourist destination is "Cuisine, Entertainment, and Knowledge" in cowboy fashion. There are currently more than 20 horses present, some of which are local residents. Visitors will be given a series of pots with unusual plants to buy before going up to the desk.
The concept of "cowboy-style horse riding tourism" is one that is promoted by De Ranch Bandung, one of the tourist destinations. It is 5 hectares in size and was made public in December 2017. At first, this was just a typical horse farm. But because others could see its potential, the area was eventually transformed into a popular family destination with a strong cowboy theme. As time passes, the area keeps growing and the amenities becoming more comfortable. Until it turned into a popular tourist spot in Bandung.
Mr. Perry Tristanto, who also owns The Big Price Cut Group, is the proprietor of De Ranch Bandung. He built this location as a result of being inspired by the area's potential as a tourist destination by its natural lines. According to this theory, investors build tourism destinations because they have a similar setting to European livestock pastures. For this reason, the current name De Ranch was chosen by the property's proprietors.

De Ranch Bandung is a theme park with a horse farm as its main attraction. De Ranch Bandung also provides visitors with a variety of entertaining activities and amenities to use. The activities offered here are not just for adults; kids can also have fun playing them. On this farm, there are a lot of things to do. The majority of the activities are outside (outbound). Horseback riding is among the enjoyable activities available at this tourist resort. Take riding lessons, explore the ranch, and ride horses around the ranch from the Ranch Saddle Club. Of course, guests to De Ranch should ride horses to enjoy the open area.
Visitors also have the option to dress like cowboys and ride horses around the De Ranch Lembang region, adding to the area's consistently cool and fresh ambiance. A full cowboy ranch is also available for purchase or rental. Even when ridden by people who have never ridden a horse before, the horses in this area are highly calm, aware of the traffic flow, and safe. This program seeks to give participants experience with horse riding and horse care. In addition, visitors have the option of riding outside the farm to explore. The horseback riding experience at this tourist attraction is thrilling and entertaining. Horses will ride through a variety of locations, such as farms, horse farms, plantations, pastures, and more. 
In addition, tourists can rent Indian face paintings and cowboy costumes. IDR 40k every trip is the cost of horseback riding, while IDR 50k covers the face paintings.
IDR 250k for an outing (horseback riding away from the De'Ranch area) for lessons in riding. IDR 200k for 60 minutes each individual, minimum 2 individuals
Small horse-drawn carriages are another option that can be used for vacations with friends or family. Saddle Hall will be shown to the passengers. The cabin can hold two to three persons. Additionally, the cost to ride this horse-drawn carriage is IDR 50k for a single trip. IDR 100k/hour for three passenger's hourse carriages.
ATV are available at De Ranch for those of you who are averse to riding horses, and despite the narrow paths, they are a lot of fun. IDR 25k per person for 2 excursions is the cost of the tickets for this ATV excursion.
There is a playground at De Ranch as well as typical Indian tribe tents in the shape of cones. You may also try out different activities here. De Ranch Bandung has a wide activities of games for all age groups, from kids to adults. Pony rides, gold-rushers, fun boats, fishing lakes, flying foxes, water balloons, track bikes, archery, merry-go-round rides, and other activities are available for adults.
IDR 25k for 15 minutes of Gold Hunter per individual.
Flying Fox IDR 25k per participant per launch
IDR 25k/5 minutes/person for the water tank
Jumping IDR 25k for three minutes each person
IDR 25k/10 arrows/person for archery
Online swimming pool at Totem India IDR 25k/person/fifteen minutes
IDR 25k each horse swing, 3 minutes, per person

De Ranch also has a number of water elements that up the thrill factor of your entertainment. These cost between IDR 20k and 25k and include fishing, water polo, and fun boats. Another water feature at De Ranch is a little boat called Fun Boat that rounds the area's tiny lake.
IDR 25k/15 minutes/person for boat towing
IDR 25k for 30 minutes of lake fishing per person
Children's fishing: IDR 20k for 15 minutes each child

In addition to water games, kids also like other games like slides, swings, piggyback rides, and others. Horseback riding, toddler cycling, leaping, toddler fishing, tiny pony rides, kids' slides, and other kid-friendly activities are among the games available. All of this is available for a fee set by the tourist attraction. You must pay IDR 25k with complimentary cowboy attire to join this trip. Pony Kidz 15 minutes/child, IDR 25k
IDR 20 for Kidtrik for 15 minutes each child
Togopet IDR 20k for 15 minutes each kid.
IDR 20k in expenditures for kids for every 15 minutes.
IDR 20k/2x slides/child for a sliding box.
Other instructional activities available at this site include how to milk a cow properly. For kids, this is a fascinating and engrossing experience. Visitors will pick up tips on how to milk cows, take care of dairy cows, and raise cows. Except for groups, this activity is available from 14.30 to 16.00 WIB.
Additionally, it provides a range of choices for educational travel. Children can conduct experiments by feeding sheep, turkeys, and fish. You only need to pay for the included food, which ranges in cost from IDR 5k to IDR 10k, in order to try it.
Playing with Rabbit IDR 25k for 20 minutes for each person.
Calves nursing cost IDR 15k per milk 200 mL per person
Goat nursing IDR 15k/2 teats 100 mL per person
It costs IDR 20k per person to feed sheep.
Another entertaining pastime for kids is to color big clay items. The huge earthenware referred to this is a piggy bank that is ink-colored. Visitors will find this exercise to be quite intriguing, especially kids. Children can improve their drawing skills by doing this; drawings can also be made on ceramics in addition to colored paper.
Huge ceramics with color IDR 60k
IDR 75k Backpack/Dye Bottle
Cycling is another alternative for getting to this location, particularly in the fresh air. Cycling through De Ranch for 15 minutes costs IDR 25k.
Mountain bike 15 minutes, IDR 25k
Bicycle for children, IDR 20k/15 minutes/child
One of De Ranch's informative excursions is the butterfly breeding facility Cocoon House. Although there is no charge to access the website, donations are welcome. As for one-shots, De Ranch wasn't built for that, but at least there is a particular one-shot here. In this cocoon house, you can observe hundreds of different sorts of lovely butterflies that have been kept and are still alive. 

There aren't many sponsored or unpaid photo excursions, but a few places make excellent photo locations given the theme of cowboys and nature.
Bake and cook. For those who wish to try baking De Ranch's famous cake, this is a skills exercise. Later, guests will discover how to create cakes that are as aesthetically pleasing as possible, as those made at Ina Cookies. The cost to participate in this program is IDR 35k per individual, per 30-minute session. In addition, you will learn the right way to milk a cow.
Parking, a prayer room, restrooms, a cafeteria, a disability ramp, a gift shop, a bonsai market, and local transportation are among the amenities available to guests. The local transportation in question is the provision of tourist vehicles under the name "De Ranch Lembang n Beyond" in association with Astra Trac. With this form of transportation, travelers can be picked up at their hotels and dropped off at tourist destinations in the Lembang region. A vehicle called "Paguyuban Delman Wisata" transports visitors to noteworthy locations in Lembang.
De Ranch has a number of public amenities, including restrooms and prayer rooms. Two tiny doors are located at the entrance of the restroom, which is shaped like a cowboy bar. In conclusion, we advise young families to stay at De Ranch. When the vacations arrive, they are also appropriate for school excursions. If you have never been to De Ranch, it may be an option for couples or selfie junkies, depending on your preferences.
With accessories like cowboy hats, shirts, and shoes, visitors may experience what it's like to be a cowboy. This theme is excellent for storing photo collections for people who enjoy taking selfies. Apart from that, it is supported by tourist destinations with a focus on wild nature and livestock. One of the required activities when visiting this location is taking photographs.
Visitors can unwind and indulge in a meal at De Ranch's rustic-themed food court or semi-outdoor cafe after seeing the area's many unique sights. When eating or spending time with family, the air is also cool. The menu at the food court of this tourist attraction is likewise pretty extensive. Everything is available, including fried rice, fried chicken, grilled sausage, chicken satay, batagor, siomay, and soto. Traditional foods including grilled corn, crispy bananas, cireng rujak spices, popcorn tofu, and others are available as snacks. A visit here wouldn't be complete if you skipped the menu. Grilled sausages are one of the must-have appetizers on the menu here. In addition, there are delicacies like ball tofu, mendoan tempeh, and others that are typical of the Bandung menu.

There is a factory shop at De Ranch Bandung that hires out whole cowboy attire, including hats, shirts, shoes, and other accessories. Additionally, a variety of mementos can be purchased here and brought home. As a memento, this industrial shop also sells yogurt, milk, uncooked sausages, and other items. You can also purchase something special from each tourist site if you plan to gather different mementos from each one.
There are numerous inexpensive hotels in Lembang with swimming pools and inexpensive villas in Lembang, including this hotel, which has a distinctive Roman-style architectural design, for those of you who require affordable lodging in Bandung close to farms. The numerous statues and carvings that are placed on the walls make this obvious, Grand Paradis Hotel. The presence of a sizable green park enhances tourists' comfort. This hotel is the perfect destination for a vacation because of its position away from the throng. The hotel's pool area is particularly distinctive and resembles a small water slide. This swimming pool has a sizable slide. In addition, a hot water swimming pool is available, which can serve as a place for parents to unwind.
Villa Flower Palace. This Palace, which is located on Jalan Villa Istana Bunga Blok VI-3 in Lembang, boasts more than simply a distinctively built structure. Participants can also take advantage of the lovely amenities in the villa as well as open spaces that are available to everyone. Around the vacation property, there are numerous rice fields. Visitors can engage in activities in the rice fields during harvest season. Visitors can still go for a stroll to enjoy the natural landscape or engage in little climbing activities in the verdant hills every year, even though harvest is still some time off.
Trizara Hotel. The opulent camping Trizara Resorts is encircled by verdant hills and woodlands. Exclusive tents with amenities and services on par with 5-star hotels are available at this lodging. This type of lodging offers travelers a way to experience animals without giving up a pleasant night's sleep. Modern furnishings including a fan, hotel-style bed, safe, drapes, and tables are included in every tent. There is a balcony in front of the bedroom that is big enough to take in the scenery. The lavish bathroom in this room includes a shower, a toilet, hot water, and a hairdryer. The resort manager guarantees WiFi and breakfast orders for room service.
De Ranch Lembang can be found at Jalan Maribaya No. 17, Kayuambon, in Lembang, West Bandung, 40391. (022) 2785865 or Whatsapp 085720303040 are numbers to call for any reason.
The area is still close to a number of locations, including eateries, gift shops, and other tourist attractions. These include The Great Asia Afrika, Floating Market, Farmhouse Lembang, Tahu Tauhid Lembang, Pure Milk KPSBU Lembang, Teuan Coffee, and others.
Those who want to visit this tourist attraction can travel to St. Hall-Lembang using public transportation. However, it might be wise to first ask the driver if you are going directly to Lembang or not. because instead of going straight to Lembang, this mode of transportation typically stops at Pasar Baru first. Next, request that the driver drop you off at the De Ranch Bandung tourism destination.
From Tuesday through Friday, this location is open from 9:00 am to 17:00 pm WIB, and on the weekends and on holidays, it is open from 9:00 am to 18:00 pm WIB. Attention: Mondays are closed, apart from holidays. IDR 26k gets you into the Ranch, and a free glass of milk is included. Children 2 years of age and older are charged admission costs.

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