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Make time visiting Balak Island

While on vacation in Lampung, you should also make time to visit Balak Island. With its softly sloping coastline, this island is particularly endearing. You are free to unwind or temporarily recover from your exhausting daily routine because it is still calm.

Lampung is well known for its stunning tourism, and the region between Banten and Lampung offers a wide variety of excursions, including rides, waterfalls, national parks, and beaches, including Balak Island. Due to the fact that it hasn't been tampered with by many people, Balak Island in Lampung is a popular tourist attraction. However, the beach's attractiveness can entice people to travel there.
The Pidada Bay region, with its tranquil waves and blue sea, is home to the Balak Island tourism area. Balak Island is beautiful for many reasons, including the fact that it is situated in a tiny harbor. There aren't many large waves. Coral reefs are still widespread and simple to locate. You must hire a boat from Kucing Riang or Sukamaju Village to get to Balak Island.
Numerous island groups, such as the Balak Island group in Pedada Bay, have a rich history. The islands, including the former grandeur of clans in Lampung culture in the coastal region of Pedada Bay, are now slowly attempting to recreate their glory after collapsing during the financial crisis and becoming popular with visitors in the mid-1990s.

When visiting Peswaran Regency in Lampung, you must visit Balak Island. The location may still be far away, but its all-natural attractiveness is certain to be all-natural. When a person is on the beach, they can even immediately experience the stunning coral reefs. Visiting this natural wonder with large family groups is ideal.
It is possible to watch large cruise ships, like the white luxury yacht from Jakarta, being tossed by the minute waves carried by the monsoons. A sizable pond with two enormous groupers that occasionally jut out, each the size of an adult human body, is on the pier's side. Many foreign tourists can be seen smiling along the beach's edge. Some are interested in diving and snorkeling, while others are simply exploring the 26-hectare island.
The island guards provide a range of delicious foods to guests while they are in the cottages as part of a tour package for foreign visitors from different nations who amuse their exhaustion on Balak Island, which is one of a collection of islands of Pedada Bay.
As you cross the stunning open sea to get to this natural tourist attraction, the drive never gets monotonous. Even along the route, visitors may observe a line of other islands nearby Balak Island. In addition, guests can take in the surrounding scenery on the high seas, including the view of passing boats carrying fisherman and fish.
Balak Island stands out from other areas since it offers a tour with its own charm to explore and gorgeous scenery, smooth white sand, and a tranquil mood. While visiting this popular tourist destination on Balak Island, which offers stunning vistas and a relaxing ambiance, there are lots of fun things you can do.
A speed boat that can accommodate 5–6 persons and costs between IDR 300k and IDR 400k is available for rent. In contrast, motorboats with a 15-passenger capacity must pay a 250k IDR fee.
The Balak Island tour in Lampung is located in Sukarame, Punduh pidada District, Pesaaran Regency, Lampung, while the admission ticket price to Balak Island is free.

There are numerous attractions available when visiting Balak Island, which is a popular tourist site and is a part of the Marga Punduh District in the Pesawaran Regency;
Balak Island offers unparalleled coral reef beauty for snorkeling. In this popular sea, a wide variety of marine animals swim freely. Prepare diving gear for tourists who want to take in the underwater splendor. Activities like snorkeling are good for trying out with friends. This island is incredibly lovely, and beneath the water are still numerous stunning coral reefs abundant in ornamental fish and marine biota. Massive coral reefs with beautiful fish like Nemo or clownfish, sea cucumbers, lobsters that blend into the sand to hide from predators, or even turtles, are still readily accessible in these seas, but only at relatively shallow depths, around seven meters.
The undersea habitat is still relatively pristine due to the state of the waters that are still kept in a natural manner, while in some areas of the coast the presence of molten shrimp ponds generally has no impact, particularly in the area around the seas of Balak Island.
The reason for this is because the garbage that is typically carried away by winds like the west monsoon, east monsoon, and southeast monsoon winds does not greatly damage the seas near Balak Island. In addition, this island is largely covered by a collection of other islands in front of it, such as Helok Island.
Because the sea appears to be relatively calm, Balak Island does not have strong waves. Additionally, the sea has a magnificent turquoise color and constantly appears clear. Swimming activities can be enjoyed during the tour while admiring the stunning coral reefs. Visitors who prefer swimming can go right to the open sea.
In general, the waters surrounding Balak Island are still in excellent physical condition. In reality, a few years ago, we saw some bottlenose dolphins visiting these waters, along with pelagic fish species and some turtles. There is no excuse not to use the Pedada Bay region's exotic island clusters or its historically significant coastal regions to harness the power of tourism. Furthermore, Pedada Bay offers more specialized excursions in addition to conventional tourist attractions like other tourist destinations. 
Additionally, caught species including tuna, simba, gigantic trevally, and even sailing fish are common in these seas. There is so much promise in the various fishing sites dispersed throughout this bay.
Unusually, there are few angler excursions to the Balak Island region, and there are many natural FADs that are abundant in different species of consumption fish at quite large sizes.
Tourists are constantly drawn to take pictures of the island's still-very-well-preserved surrounding wildlife. Posing in front of white sand makes it simple to capture lovely pictures. Visitors can also take photos with a blue background and a glimpse of the water. Photographers among you will undoubtedly get a distinct background.
Visitors who wish to make their trip enjoyable can pack a variety of picnic goods. Typically, visitors choose to bring snacks and raw food to cook in the beach area. Visitors who appreciate the outdoors while on vacation may also feel at home while they picnic.
On the beach, cops hire out boats, and during the holidays, calm waves allow for boat trips. This excursion is ideal for those who enjoy walking while taking in the local scenery of the ocean. You will be directly escorted by a local agent, so the boat voyage is guaranteed to be secure.

Balak Island is renowned for being extremely remote and for having insufficient infrastructure. Every stretch of the fine sand is adorned with chairs that resemble beach chairs. Visitors can sit there if they want to take in the fresh air and watch the waves. The local manager does not offer equipment rentals for swimming or snorkeling.
There are officers-maintained, clean public restrooms available on the island. The island region lacks food stands and street sellers. Customers can, however, purchase meals close to the ferry terminal or pack their own lunch. There are hardly many gazebos with roofs to be found.
The prayer room is a supplemental space that, depending on its capacity, may be utilized for worship. There are already boat rentals available, and parking is no problem.
Due to the island's uninhabited status, the amenities at the Balak Beach tourist destination are quite insufficient. Balak Island's lack of infrastructure and facilities forces visitors to bring their own equipment. On Balak Island, drinking-quality wells provide the water needed for activities like bathing and washing. Tourist destination Balak Island is still brimming with the allure of nature. This location still offers natural beauty that was there before. One of the characteristics of this island is the soft white sand. The sandbar that encircles this scenic location never fails to impress visitors. Going into the water makes the tour feel more complete, and visitors who are swimming or lounging by the ocean can view a variety of biota and coral reefs. The sea around this island is still naturally blue, making it easier to detect coral reefs.

The name of this remarkable island is borrowed from the language of Lampung, Balak, which in Indonesian means huge. Pulling back in time around the 1800s, Pedada Bay was also known as a trading port whose echoes were even heard as far as the island of Java, Bengkulu to other nearby locations.
The west side of Balak Island's Muara Bawang region was busy with commerce activities that continued to rely on a system of bartering for goods. At that time, the crops grown in Teluk Pedada's coastal region were also well-known, including coffee, pepper, and bananas. The majority of these crops were also grown by people who called islands like Balak, Pahawang, and Lunik home.
The Bawang Market is one of the remnants from the heyday of the commercial port on the coastal region of Pedada Bay. Trading started in this market with merchants from across the sea conducting business with locals and islanders.
Through individuals from Banten who entered the Pedada Bay coastal region, including Tuan Serambak, who is also the younger brother of Tubagus Yahya, one of the prominent individuals who spread Islam in Lampung and whose grave is in the Bakung area of West Telukbetung, Bandar Lampung, Islam spread from this region.
Local knowledge also arose from this point and helped to introduce Lampung cultural values to Teluk Pedada, which at the time was made up of three clans: the Bawang Clan, Punduh Clan, and Pedada Clan.
But as the financial crisis began to spread around the end of the 1990s, the number of visits started to progressively drop until it eventually ceased to exist. Even if at the time local residents were also feeling the effects of the tourism industry, just having boats available for tourists to use to travel from one island to the next was enough to allow visiting these tourists to be a side income.

Balak Island doesn't get a lot of visitors, which gives the impression that it has a clean environment. However, this lovely tour actually has a character that sets it apart from other islands. If you're already there, you can hire a boat to get a better look at the crystal-clear waters.
An expanse of still-very-white sand surrounds Balak Island. Everyone who visits the island for a holiday is happy as a result. This beach sand is well recognized for being incredibly soft and being free of tiny stones. With close relatives, you can enjoy time together while enjoying a picnic on the island's beautiful sand.
At certain times, there are tourists who choose to sunbathe among the soft sand. Visitors can also bring kites or sand games if they want to play. The sand is white, clean and soft will amaze all eyes. Plus, guests often feel at home relaxing on a sand island.
The usual attraction that travelers encounter when exploring the island is the various beautiful coral reefs. The sea there holds a lot of biota. Tourists do not need to go out to sea to see biota and coral reefs. Those of you who stand on the beach can immediately see clearly visible swimming biota.
This charming destination is indeed often chosen as a diving spot. 
Additionally, underwater coral reefs are frequently shot for their beauty. The wealth of Balak Island, which is still maintained today, never ceases to astound visitors. There are frequently people who bring fishing rods so they may unwind while reeling in fish on the beach.
The seas off Balak Island are always blue to green. The sea is so pure and free of pollution that its hue is crystal clear. Even the sea's waves are reputedly not very large. If visitors wish to ride around the sea and take in the colors of this crystal-clear canal, they can rent a boat or a speedboat.
Tourist destination Balak Island is still brimming with the allure of nature. This location still offers natural beauty that was there before. One of the characteristics of this island is the soft white sand. The sandbar that encircles this scenic location never fails to impress visitors.
Going into the water makes the tour feel more complete, and visitors who are swimming or lounging by the ocean can view a variety of biota and coral reefs. The sea around this island is still naturally blue, making it easier to detect coral reefs.
Additionally, those who enjoy swimming should include a life jacket. It would be a shame to miss out on the sea because it is so lovely and clean. On a sunny day, you can observe that the sea's tint matches the sky's blue hue. The sea water will sparkle with splendor even in direct sunlight.
There is only one inn, and it is in fairly good condition and is utilized as a private resort. The structure is composed of wood and includes a living area, kitchen, and bathroom.
Visitors who want to remain and spend the night on Balak Island occasionally rent this inn.
There appears to be a row of boarding houses close to some sand.
If visitors wish to savor the island's ambience for a longer period of time, they can stay in cottages.

Balak Island's location and accessibility
The Marga Punduh District includes Balak Island, which is a part of a chain of islands in Teluk Pedada. The Marga Punduh District's capital, Bawang Village, Pahawang Island, and Muara Bawang are each within easy driving distance of the location.
It takes around 90 minutes and costs about IDR 100k per person to travel by boat from Muara Bawang in Bawang Village or the Ketapang pier in Padang Cermin to Balak Island.
Visitor cost: IDR 100k; hours of operation: 24 hours; Case: Check location; Address: Sukaramé, Kec. Punduh Pidada, Kab. Pesawaran, Lampung
Balak Island is situated near Pesawaran, Lampung's Pidada Bay. The islands of Lunik and Lok are still nearby and secluded on this lovely excursion. Customers who want to get to the island can do so either by land or by boat. If you choose to go by land, you must bring your own car and pay attention to navigation.
The onion market is accessible by foot through Bandar Lampung's city center. However, due to the distance, the journey takes roughly 2 hours. You can visit the nearby village of Sukamaju, which is not too far from the port. There are already rental boats or speedboats available to continue exploring this lovely coastline.
Tourists who want to spend the weekend somewhere attractive should consider this island. It is also well known that visiting this island won't break the bank. Tourists can rent a large capacity boat starting at IDR 150k to get them to their destination. Speedboat rentals, meanwhile, are often fixed and start at IDR 100k.
There is no entrance fee required for visitors to enter Balak Island. This lovely tour is provided without charge to visitors by the manager. Visitors are not charged extra to swim, play on the beach, or snorkel. Additionally open every day, its main location allows visitors to enjoy their holiday well into the night.
Visitors who leave their cars in the port area should also plan on spending more money. Typically, parking a motorcycle costs IDR 5k. The cost of the lowered four-wheeled vehicle is IDR 10k, which is also very affordable. Because it is so inexpensive, visiting this unique island is definitely affordable.

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