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Sebalang Beach, Lampung

 Lampung is an attractive destination for marine tourism lovers. Many islands and beautiful beaches lies there. There is also Sebalang Beach which is viral because of the festive atmosphere.

This beach is one of the viral tourist attractions in Lampung, especially since there is a cafe on the beach. Armed with an amazing sunset landscape, the cafe at Sebalang Beach carries the concept like on the beach of Bali. Similar to Double Six Beach or Echo Beach Canggu. Ideal as an afternoon hangout.
Sebalang Beach itself is very beautiful. The sand stretches wide and extends. The shallow waters are wide enough to make it suitable for water play. However, this beach is indeed popular as a place to relax or hang out enjoying the afternoon, especially when dusk begins to approach.
Because it is ideal as a hangout spot, this beach has also become a hit tourist spot. A new destination for millennial travelers in Lampung who like contemporary tourist attractions. Including for those who like selfies, here are a lot of instagramable photo spots. This beach tour is even more lively at night.
The popularity of Lampung Sebalang Beach tourism has actually skyrocketed thanks to facilities such as beachside cafes. This cafe is directly connected to the waterfront with various interesting features. In addition to the container booth, a place to mix various food and beverage menus, here there are bean bag features, umbrellas, and several other accessories.

The atmosphere is more lively at night thanks to the lights that are arranged in such a way. The food and drink menu is varied. Other facilities are fairly complete, including places of worship in the form of a prayer room, a large parking area, toilets. And for camping, camping equipment rental is available.
Unfortunately road access is inadequate. Lots of holes, even worse when the rainy season comes. It tends to be dark at night because there is no lighting on the street. The entrance ticket for Sebalang Beach is IDR 20K, but this does not include parking fees. In addition, some facilities are also require to pay. Equipment rental is around IDR 50K.

Sebalang Beach Lampung is located in Sebalang Hamlet, Tarahan Village, Katibung District, South Lampung Regency, Lampung Province, Indonesia. It is approximately 29 kilometers or 55 minutes drive from Bandar Lampung to the south via Jalan Lintas Sumatra. The distance is quite close to Pasir Putih Beach, approximately 5 kilometers. Upon arriving at the Pasir Putih Beach, continue the journey until a slightly uphill road. Then there will be a PT Adhi board on the right side of the road, there are a lot of directions there that lead to this beach. Follow the directions until arriving at this beach location. 
Occupying the west coast of South Lampung, Sebalang Beach is a beautiful beach with a festive atmosphere. At first glance, it is similar to the beach atmosphere on the southern coast of Bali. Because it faces west, this beach is suitable to be visited in the afternoon. The charming sunset view is the main attraction of this beach.

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