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Mutun Beach, Lampung

One of the legendary beaches in Lampung which is still a holiday destination for the people of Lampung to this day is Mutun Pesawaran Beach.

In addition to visiting Mutun Beach, you can also visit other tourist attractions located before Mutun Beach such as: Muncak Tirtayasa Lampung and Munca Pas. Duta Wisata Beach. Tirtayasa Beach. Pintu Langit 2 Teluk, Villa Gardenia Lampung. Queen Artha Beach. Permata Island or Kubur Island.
Following in the footsteps of Lampung's Sebalang Beach with its Balinese appearance, Mutun Beach is now increasingly interesting to visit. One of the beautiful spots is the existence of contemporary seating to relax in Balinese style. To rent a relaxing pillow like this, you only need to pay a rental fee of IDR 30K rupiah per 3 hours.

Mutun Beach is indeed often used as a picnic destination for school children, especially those from Way Kanan, Tulang Bawang, Mesuji, Central Lampung, and surrounding areas. One of the beauties of Mutun Beach is the presence of fine sand under the shady hibiscus trees and then equipped with bamboo and wooden huts. The drawback of Mutun beach is the sand condition of the beach at some points which is not comfortable for bathing because of the many rocks. Nevertheless, the beauty of Mutun beach is also recommended to be visited, to enjoy the breeze in the afternoon while sitting in huts that are rented out to visitors.

When you enter Mutun beach, you will find two beaches here. One beach is called Mutun Beach and another is called Tembikil Haruna Jaya Beach or Mutun MS Town Beach (Mutun Beach 2). Mutun Beach 2 is located at the end of the first Mutun Beach, later there will be another entrance ticket post officer who will collect the entrance fee.
On Mutun beach there is indeed a waterboom ride, but this waterboom is only on Mutun Beach 2 or Tembikil Beach. At the first Mutun Beach, you will not find this waterboom. For those of who want to enjoy the waterboom at Mutun Beach, prepare more money, besides having to pay entrance to Mutun Beach 2 for IDR 10K, will also have to pay the Waterboom entrance ticket for IDR 25K.

The address of Mutun beach is in Sukajaya Lempasing Village, Padang Cermin District, Pesawaran Regency, Lampung, Indonesia. The location of Mutun Beach is in the middle between Villa Gardenia Bandar Lampung and Sari Ringgung Beach Lampung. The location of Mutun Beach in Bandar Lampung is about 2 km from the main road Bandar Lampung – Hanura – Teluk Kiluan, so there is no public transportation that takes you directly to the beach location.

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