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Sungai Suci, Bengkulu, Indonesia, River but Sea

 A beach is a guaranteed spot to clear your head. The good news is that there are many beaches to explore in Indonesia, one of the nations with the longest coastlines. The Sungai Suci Beach is among them. In Bengkulu, Indonesia, there is a beach that attracts tourists called Sungai Suci Beach. This beach is well-known for its spotless white sand, crystal-clear water, and breathtaking natural surroundings. Sungai Suci Beach is exceptionally beautiful, including pure white sand and peaceful, clear water. 

If you come here, you'll be greeted by a view of the endlessly blue ocean, and while you stare, you'll hear the sound of the waves slamming on the rocks on the shore. A variety of activities are suitable at Sungai Suci Beach. Swimmers, sunbathers, nature lovers, and people who like to play ball on the beach can all enjoy the water's splendor. In addition, this beach is appropriate for participating in water sports like jet skiing, banana boating, and others.
Sungai Suci Beach's nickname comes from Tanah Lot in Bengkulu, not haphazardly. There is a little island on this beach that is isolated from the mainland. Having said that, the island and the mainland once blended together. However, this small island was split apart by the quick crash of the waves that eroded a portion of the soil. Unusually, visitors must cross a suspension bridge to reach the 20-square-meter island. 
Prepare to put your adrenaline to the test on this bridge. Walking on a bridge that is 6 to 7 meters above the ground while being shaken by the wind and having powerful waves crash against the rocks below is an exhilarating task. When crossing this bridge, keep in mind that queueing is a common practice. The maximum number of adults this bridge can hold is five due to its plank-based structure. But when ascending this bridge, there is no need to worry about anarchy. The issue is that the community constructed two bridges separately and uncoordinatedly. One will travel to the tiny island, and the other will return to the main continent.
Only IDR 5k is required from visitors in order to ascend this bridge. Visitors can take in the breathtaking view of the tiny island next to it for this low charge. Although not exceptionally wide, this small island is heavily covered in trees, providing excellent shade for travelers. In addition, there is grass and a number of chairs where you may unwind while admiring the stunning surroundings and refreshing sea breeze. If you like collecting stones, you can also look for attractive stones along Sungai Suci Beach's coast, which are widely scattered.

There are also distinctive coastal cuisine treats at Sungai Suci Beach. You can have grilled fish, clams, squid, and other delectable seafood meals that are fresh and delicious. Visitors can also taste young coconuts, which are sweet and fresh. This beach has beautiful natural surroundings, including coconut trees blooming along the shore. The most anticipated moment is sunset; while you and your sweetheart take in the splendor of the sun setting over the Holy River, the romantic atmosphere will get stronger.

Don't skip over understanding the name of this Indonesian tourist site before learning about its beauty. You should be aware that just because something is called A Sungai (river) in Bahasa doesn't mean it is a river. Sungai Suci is a beach with big waves typical of the south coast and a rock-walled appearance.
Even though the word "river" is included, this particular tourist attraction is only a beach. However, this particular beach is special in its own right. Additionally promoted as a historical beach is Sungai Suci Beach. When Bung Karno was exiled to Bengkulu by the Dutch East Indies colonial administration from 1938 to 1942, this beach, also referred to as Bengkulu's Pieces of Heaven, turned into his favorite location. Sukarno, the first president of Indonesia, is claimed to have frequented this 2-kilometer length of beach to unwind.

Do not picture a beach with soft, white sand like those frequented by tourists. There isn't a place to do this in Sungai Suci Beach. But there is also another breathtaking beauty to see in the huge boulders that border the beach, the cliffs, and the towering waves that shatter them and the rocks. Sungai Suci Beach experiences relatively large waves because the Indian Ocean, which is just in front of them, generates them. So those who enjoy swimming in the ocean are advised against doing so here. Visitors can instead use this stunning location to practice their hobby of photography. Sungai Suci Beach is so stunning that pre-wedding photos are frequently taken there.

The Sungai Suci River may be on your list of places to go. Located in the Central Bengkulu Regency's Pondok Kelapa Subdistrict, Bengkulu Province. In Pasar Pedat Village, Pondok Kelapa District, Central Bengkulu Regency, Bengkulu Province, you can find Sungai Suci Beach.
Only 15 kilometers from the center of Bengkulu, this popular tourist destination is easily accessible by both two-wheeled and four-wheeled vehicles. Since Sungai Suci Beach is only 45 minutes away from Bengkulu City, getting there is simple. Visitors have the option of using their own vehicles or public transit like taxis or buses. The trip takes about 20 minutes by automobile and is only about 11 kilometers from the heart of Bengkulu City.

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