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Sari Ringgung, Lampung, an all in one destination

Sari Ringgung Beach may be found in Sidodadi Village, Pandan Bay, and Pesawaran Regency, Lampung, Indonesia, specifically at Jalan Way Ratay Km 14. Although this beach may be similar to other beaches in general, tourists are drawn to Sari Ringgung Beach because of its distinctiveness. 

One of the beaches in the province of Lampung that is used as a tourist destination or marine park is Sari Ringgung Beach. Of course, Sari Ringgung Beach is well-known to many people who live in the Lampung region. because Sari Ringgung Beach is a well-known tourist destination. Sari Ringgung Beach itself exudes an exotic beauty that is complemented by the stunningly pure sea water and orderly rows of tiny gazebos. You may appreciate the beauty from the top of Sari Ringgung Beach, which features locations with embossed sand similar to those in the Maldives.

People visit Sari Ringgung Beach for a variety of reasons. Most certainly, the beach's appeal cannot be separated from the rest of these factors. There is no hypocrisy here; this beach is a popular tourist destination. The stunning surroundings and allure of a tidy environment help to preserve Sari Ringgung Beach's appeal. Inhaling the pure air at this tourist destination will leave you feeling incredibly awake and fresh. The beach's distinctive shape also exudes its own appeal.  Visitors are made to feel even happier by the environment's eclectic color scheme that it has created.
One of the coastal religious tourist destinations is Lampung. It looks so in contrast to this beach if the majority of the beach is busy with tourists looking to relax while sunbathing, swimming, and being quite domineering in their open swimsuits. A floating mosque with the name Al Aminah Mosque is the first tourist attraction on this beach. This mosque was frequently visited when the Lampung City Government designated it as a religious tourism destination in 2015. The mosque's construction out of basic wood and its setting among fishing ponds are its distinctive selling points. 
Elevated Sand seems to be one of the most frequented trips among the numerous things that are simple to locate. Having said that, the elevated sand is a naturally occurring sand dune that originates beneath the sea. It is likely in the middle of the sea if you need to take a boat to reach this imprinted sand. The delivery service to the top of the rising sand to return to the beach has a unique price. Normally, only IDR 15k.
The beauty of the seawater is one aspect that is very strongly highlighted on Sari Ringgung Beach. This beach has a sea that appears to be incredibly blue.  The beach's seawater is a moderate shade of blue. Regarding the beach in the middle, the sea has started to show its allure of deep blue water. This is an indication of a very deep depth.
Bukit Puncak Indah, sometimes referred to as Puncak Indah, is the next site at Sari Ringgung Beach. An ideal spot from which to take in the natural landscape surrounding Sari Ringgung Beach. Although the slope is fairly steep, the manager has provided steps to make it simpler for guests to hike to Puncak Indah.

The amenities offered here are likewise sufficient, including a reasonable number of restrooms and stalls offering food and beverages. Additionally, snorkeling gear rentals are available at Sari Ringgung Beach for reasonable rates.
Speaking of the amenities offered at Sari Ringgung beach is in fact a unique draw. This is due to the fact that all of the amenities made available by the local government to promote beach tourism are very beneficial to tourists. The beach at Sari Ringgung has a good selection of amenities. This is evident from the gazebo's appearance, which is excellent for seating tourists at the beach. The beach also has restroom and toilet facilities.
A highly distinctive building is the floating mosque. Muslims who are interested in experiencing the feeling of praying in a floating location must visit this mosque. All that is left to do is travel there by boat to the mosque.

The Al-Aminah Floating Mosque is a mosque that can be found 300 meters from Sari Ringgung's shoreline in the Indonesian province of Lampung's Padang Cermin District. This mosque is anchored and floats while being supported by several buoys. Originally, this mosque served as a place for fishermen to pray while they were still at sea. This mosque was constructed in 2012, rebuilt in 2014, and opened to the public as a tourist attraction in Lampung in 2015. The mosque, which has a footprint of about 20 square meters, cost IDR 500B to construct. In addition, the local government constructed a number of new structures to boost the mosque's congregation.
The most sought-after item is probably the embossed sand attraction because it resembles the sand in the Maldives. This sand was not created at Sari Ringgung Beach by locals or security personnel; it was obtained naturally from the sea. Small sand islands that appear in the middle of the ocean at low tide are known as raised sand. Use a fishing boat or a speed boat to get to this imprinted sand. You must utilize a boat that officers hire out to visitors for a fee in order to reach this tourist destination.

Snorkeling is one of the beach activities that visitors wish to perform, but occasionally they are too lazy to bring their own gear. This is why visiting this beach is the greatest option because you may go snorkeling while using equipment that you can rent. At Sari Ringgung Beach, you may affordably take in the splendor of the underwater allure. Take your family to the second tourist destination if you are arriving with them, especially if you have kids. All guests can engage in activities like swimming and water play on the imprinted sand.  In addition, a play area for kids with slides and other equipment is available near the beach so that kids can enjoy themselves.
A gazebo and huts adorned with beach chairs and umbrellas are available for rent at Sari Ringgung Beach. You can rent this space to unwind while taking in the ocean scenery and the chilly breeze that is blowing. For those of you who come in groups, this gazebo is ideal because the price per person will be less.
The following can be advised as a holiday reference:
Long weekends are the ideal time to visit Sari Ringgung Beach.
Visit Sari Ringgung Beach with your loved ones for a more memorable vacation experience.
To have a practical and hassle-free trip to Sari Ringgung Beach, use a travel agent's services.
Bring a camera, and look for the finest images using the best ootd.
When visiting Sari Ringgung Beach for a holiday, make an effort to maintain your physical health.
Other amenities include lodging. Given the growing demand for travelers to stay the night at the location, the lodging options are extremely varied. You can select from hotels to basic homes depending on your needs. The Emersi Hotel and Resort hotel can be utilized as a suggestion for a suitable location to stay for those of you who wish to vacation on Sari Ringgung Beach and require a place to stay. With a stunning design idea and a full range of amenities, including WiFi, laundry service, a prayer room, baths, and many more. Sari Ringgung Beach is not distant from the Doa Ibu Homestay, and it only takes 17 minutes to go there. In addition to being convenient, the lodging is also fairly comfortable, offering all the amenities and a homey, rural atmosphere that helps tourists feel at ease.

An admission fee of IDR 5k is required to access the beach, which was renovated and part of these developments were completed before it was formally inaugurated in 2014. Because rates vary depending on whether a visitor comes on a weekday or a holiday, ticket costs are subject to alter at any time.
The tariffs are meant to be more expensive if you visit over the holidays because there are more guests. In addition to the entrance ticket, you must pay a parking fee based on the type of vehicle you are bringing, such as a car, motorcycle, or perhaps a bus. IDR 5k for motorcycles and IDR 20k for vehicles and buses are the standard parking rates. From 6:00 WIB to 17:00 WIB, this beach is open so you can loiter and take in its beauty.
Visit Sidodadi village in Pasewaan Lampung if you want to see Sari Ringgung beach. It takes about 1.5 hours to travel there from Bandar Lampung's central business district.
You can dial the number 085273218664 if you require a call center for Sari Ringgung Beach. In the meanwhile, you can search Instagram using the handle @pantaisariringgung.official, so if you plan to come, make sure to first double-check the costs with the call center.
On Jalan Way Ratai No. KM 14, Sidodadi, Pandan Bay, Pesawaran Regency, is a beautiful Lampung beach. If you're lost, utilize Google Maps to search right away, and it will direct you later on in your journey. There is no need to be concerned about the road leading to the beach because it is well-paved and safe. From the city of Bandar Lampung, it takes an hour to travel the 25 kilometers to Sari Ringgung Beach. Depending on the conditions of the road at the time you travel and the speed of the car, your journey may be slower or faster. Follow the flow of Jalan Pajajaran and Jalan Hanoman to reach your destination.  Next, make a left turn onto Jalan Teuku Umar. Next, there will be a road with two options; take the one on the right. You continue on Jalan Raden Intan since you are already on it at that point. Turn right onto Jalan Ahmad Yani after traveling on Jalan Raden Intan for about 1.5 kilometers. Follow the signs to Jalan Ahmad Yani for about 700 meters, where there is an Adipura Monument in the middle of the road. Once more, you will have a choice between two roads; take the left one to Wolter Monginsidi Street. After that, in about two kilometers, turn right onto Jalan Basuki Rahmat. Following that, make a right onto Jalan P. Emir Moh Noer and a left onto Jalan Sumur Putri. Then, go to Jalan R.E. Martadinata by turning left onto Jalan Saleh Raja Kusuma Yudha. Continue your journey by taking Jalan R.E. Martadinata and Jalan Raya Way Ratay for a total distance of around eleven kilometers. Just over two kilometers from Jalan Raya Way Ratay, you may get to the beach from that point. Arrive at Sari Ringgung Beach by following the road markers, then pay the admission fee and parking fee. Once you've done that, you can be sure you've arrived at the beach and are standing in the crystal-clear water.

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