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The Enchantment of Legundi Island, The Seductive Underwater Exoticism


Located in a group of beautiful islands in the Lampung Bay area, Legundi Pesawaran Island has stunning land and underwater panoramas. Coral reefs and small fish in the marine ecosystem should be included in your visit list.

The name is not as flashy as the surrounding islands, but don't underestimate the panorama presented on this island. Visitors are guaranteed to linger after setting foot here. Moreover, the welcome of the clarity of the water is very tempting to the eye. This island is located in Punduh Pidada, Pesawaran Lampung. From the city of Bandar Lampung, the distance is about 47 km and takes about three to four hours of travel. The location can be seen via Google maps on your smartphone. To get to this beautiful island, visitors must travel by land and sea. There are two piers that visitors can choose from, namely the South Lampung Canti Pier and the Ketapang Pesawaran Pier to cross to Legundi Island.

First, visitors must go to Ketapang Pier in Padang Cermin (via Ketapang Pesawaran Pier) and then cross to Legundi Island. The distance from Bandar Lampung is about 35 km and takes about 45 minutes. To get to Ketapang Pier, if using a private vehicle, simply direct the vehicle to Jalan Way Ratai, which is the main road to Padang Cermin from Bandar Lampung. Follow the road until you meet Ketapang Village on the left side of the road.

If using public transportation, visitors can take the pick-up service from Teluk Betung to Padang Cermin Pesawaran and then get off at Ketapang Pier. The fare is around IDR 20k per passenger. From the Ketapang Pier, visitors can rent a motorboat to cross to Legundi Island. Boat rental costs around IDR 700k.

If visitors are from Bakauheni Port, they can also cross to this island via Canti Pier. It will be closer to Legundi Island via Canti Pier than Ketapang Pier if from Bakauheni Port. The route is Bakauheni Port - Kalianda City - Canti Pier - Legundi Island. Visitors can also transit first to Sebesi Island to see the view of Anak Krakatau. White sand and cool trees will welcome you. A beautiful panorama is presented on Legundi Island. From land, visitors can enjoy the natural beauty on the island, then visitors can enjoy the underwater beauty which is guaranteed to spoil the eyes. On this island, the colorful coral reefs and other marine life are very beautiful, not inferior to those on Pahawang Island and Tanjung Putus. This exotic island which has very beautiful underwater is quite safe for snorkeling. For those who can't swim, don't worry, Legundi is a shallow snorkeling spot. Only with swimming goggles and a life jacket can you enjoy the underwater beauty of Legundi Island. The sea waves are calm and safe for beginners.

For lodging, visitors can stay at community homestays at affordable rates. Visitors can also stay at Kiluan Bay which is not so far away. The beauty of the island and the beauty of the underwater world can be the reason why you should visit this island. Those of you who want a relaxing island atmosphere will also feel that when you are here.

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