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Dewi Mandapa Beach

Dewi Mandapa Beach located in Pesawaran is endowed with charming natural beauty. Dewi Mandapa Beach is a beach with a little stretch of sand. Dominated by mangrove trees on the beach. Become a favorite photo spot for young people and families.

Dewi Mandapa Beach is located in the south of Bandar Lampung City. The entrance is after the entrance to Sari Ringgung Beach. The location is before the Ketapang Pier. Administratively, it belongs to Gebang Village, Padang Cermin District, Pesawaran Regency, Lampung Province, Indonesia. From the city of Bandar Lampung, it is about 26 kilometers with a travel time of about 1 hour. If you bring a vehicle, navigate to Jalan Laksmana RE Martadinata. Passing TPI Lempasing and Hanura Market. After passing through the entrance to Sari Ringgung Beach, about 4-5 kilometers, there will be an entrance to Dewi Mandapa. The beach which is open to the public is always open every day from morning to night, at 08:00 – 19:00 WIB. To be able to enter and enjoy the beauty of the beach, you have to pay a parking fee, as well as an entrance ticket to the pier. The fees are still reasonable and affordable. On weekdays, motorbike parking is IDR 10K, car park is IDR 30K, entrance ticket to the pier is IDR 5K/person and Cinta Island entrance ticket is IDR 15K. While on holidays, motorbike parking is IDR 15K, car park is IDR 50K, and the entrance ticket to the pier stayed at IDR 5K / person and the entrance ticket to Cinta Island is IDR 15K.
This beach is not the main tourist destination in Pesawaran Regency. However, its existence cannot be denied. Due to the fact, that many tourists do come to visit. Because the beach is surrounded by mangrove trees, most tourists come for photos only. Visiting a beach overgrown with mangroves is different. Especially when compared to the beach with a wide stretch of sand. Here you can be sure the clarity of the sea water is not good for snorkeling. Unless you really want to do research on marine life around you.

Even if there is a swim spot, maybe only in a little area. And even then only on Cinta (Love) Island, and only children who make swimming at the beach as entertainment. The name alone is enough to make many tourists interested in coming. From the name, we can already guess that the island, whose name is actually Gosong Pasir, is heart-shaped. To be able to cross to Cinta Island we have to go through a wooden bridge, and pay an entrance fee at Asmara Pier.
In line with the romantic name of the island, so is the pier. Wooden platforms provide a romantic atmosphere with knick-knacks and umbrellas. The combination of mangroves, wooden platforms above sea water, arrangement of chairs and umbrellas, makes it a favorite photo spot for beach visitors.

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