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Bengkulu Tabot Annual Traditional Ceremony

Tabot as the Charm of Cultural Tourism

The people of Bengkulu understand very well that Tabot is a traditional ceremony that is ritualistic in nature which is carried out every year, especially by the Tabot Family of Harmony by following the Islamic calendar, which is 01-10 Muharram. From a tourism perspective, the unique form and ritual of the Tabot ceremony can make it a special attraction for tourists to enjoy. Along with the passage of time, this Tabot ceremony eventually developed in the form of cultural attractions and people's entertainment in Bengkulu.

In the context of developing national and regional tourism, the government sees that the Tabot ceremony procession has become one of the national events held every year which is packaged in a Festival activity. This activity is expected to attract tourist visits to Bengkulu, both domestic and foreign tourists. The government also hopes for all stakeholders, be it government agencies, the private sector and the community as well as the participation of other provinces and districts in the success of the Tabot Festival as the main event (major event) for Bengkulu Province Tourism.

Tabot Festival Activities
Main Activities

Opening Ceremony
The Opening Ceremony is held at 19.00 Wib which is opened by Regional Government Officials or Government Officials who have been arranged by the committee.

Sacred Tabot Procession Ceremony
Running according to the stages, at another place the Tabot Festival was also held.
The making of the Sacred Tabot is carried out by each Tabot descendant family, while the Development Tabot can be carried out by all agencies/agencies as a form of participation in enlivening the celebration of the Tabot festival. On the nights of 01 to 09 Muharram the Tabot festival was enlivened by various competitions related to Tabot and various regional or ethnic arts groups were also displayed as a form of togetherness in filling development. Simultaneously, the Arak Gedang / Tabot sanding was held at around 20.00 WIT in the open field, previously at around 06.00 to 15.00 WIT the sounds of Dol and Tassa were forbidden to sound until "Tabot Naik Pangkek" (Tabot is in perfect shape). After that, the dol and Tassa are sounded again as a sign that the Tabot has been completed. The Gedang Procession is a large procession of all Tabots that have been completed, also enlivened by the Tabot of Development made by the service / agency and private parties who participated in the Tabot event.

Closing ceremony
The Closing Ceremony is an official ceremony carried out by the regional government which is attended by official invited guests from elements of government officials and ambassadors of friendly countries. On this night, the winners of the competition are usually displayed in order to enliven the Tabot Festival. Invited guests, tourists can enjoy the beauty of the row of Tabots side by side by being illuminated by decorative lights with various ornaments and other interesting entertainments. Visitors can also shop for interesting Bengkulu souvenirs because the Tabot Festival is also supported by exhibitions of handicrafts.

Arak Tabot Abandoned Ceremony (10 Muharram)
This is the highlight of the Tabot activity which is held around 09.00 to 14.00 WIB, as a symbol of the ceremony to take Husein's body to the Padang Karabela Cemetery. Before the ceremony begins, all of the Tabot who will be disposed of gather in the open field (usually in front of the Regional Building / Office of the Governor of Bengkulu) accompanied by the sound of Dol and Tassa and the Drumband troops, the associations that form the carnival line, then the Tabot / carnival group is paraded through Bengkulu city protocol road to the cemetery in Padang Karabela as the final dumping ground, led by the Head of Tabot Family Harmony and his family. On either side of the road along the protocol road passed by the Tabot carnival, it was flooded by thousands of people who wanted to watch the Tabot carnival.

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