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Sipin Lake, one of tourist destination in Jambi City

Lake Sipin can be super interesting, if it is packaged in such a way. As is done by a group of people. In their hands, this place becomes one of the residents' destinations.

The name of the place is Sipin Lake. This location is quite easy to reach. From Hotel Ratu to the market, about 300 meters we will be greeted by an entrance marked by a black gate, which reads Sipin Lake.

From there, it is enough to walk along a concrete road that is sufficient for two motorbikes to pass through. But if you want to use a car, there is another road not far from there to get to that location.

In the afternoon, around 17.00 Tuesday (17/10), the weather is sunny. After walking along a concrete road for 100 meters, Jambi Independent was again treated to a ticket purchase gate. One person only needs to pay IDR 3,000.

In that area, we were greeted with various kinds of rides. It is suitable for capturing photo moments. Very fitting, plus this area is right on the edge of the Batanghari River.

This place is indeed the right place to relieve stress, after being tired of activities all day. Borju, one of the ten initiators of the place, said they wanted to develop an outdoor learning concept, one that could directly experience the beauty of nature and biodiversity.

So they all conceptualized Sipin Lake, a natural tourist spot located on Lake Sipin, precisely on Jalan Slamet Riyadi, Kelurahan Legok, Kecamatan Danau Sipin.

"Initially we were gathered in a group of the Palerek Abstinence Art Studio, Wak Kocai, had an idea and finally give birth to Sipin Lake," said the man with shoulder-length hair. Another initiator, Riko, said that this place was opened since September 29, 2017.

In Lake Sipin, he said, there are many types of fish that live in it. "There are baung fish, cork, tilapia, catfish, gouramy and others," he said. But they deliberately forbid visitors to fish at the tourist spot.

To introduce Sipin Lake, they took advantage of social networks. "Alhamdulillah, since it was introduced, many were interested," said Riko, excited.

In this place, visitors are also spoiled for sight of the birds that occasionally perch on the lake. Apart from that, the boats belonging to the local people are also passing by, adding to the exoticism of this lake. "If the lake water rises again, there must be a lot of birds perching on the lake," said Riko.

At Sipin Lake, there are various kinds of interesting rides that can be used to take pictures, either alone or with friends. Like what?

The residents looked cool taking pictures at Sipin Lake, when the Jambi Independent came to this place. Yes, a special spot is provided here for those who like to capture moments.

Each ride has its own name. Such as Heaven's Door, Lotus, Crescent Moon and Water Bridge. Borju, with his long hair, admits that he really likes the Lotus ride. "Because the lotus has a sacred philosophy," he said.

Besides that, Lake Sipin, which is right next to Sipin Lake, has an interesting story. According to local residents, there was once a beautiful woman from Padang, West Sumatra Province, who was stranded in the Lake Sipin area.

Cik Upik is the name. He accidentally came to the area. It is said that he boarded a ship that sailed from Padang. Arriving at the Batanghari River, to be precise in the current area of ​​Lake Sipin, the ship capsized.

It was the former hull of the ship which was very large in size, which the community believed was the mainland of Lake Sipin which they now live in. Since then, Cik Upik has lived in Lake Sipin.

At Sipin Lake, one of the unique rides is that there is a matchmaking spring whose water never dries up. Fahbi (57) said that once there was a couple who came to the spring, and some time later the two of them immediately started dating.

"Yes, there was a couple before, he told me about their introduction, because they met at this Sipin Lake," said Fahbi. Fian, a visitor, also shared that he was very happy with the existence of Sipin Lake.

"Cool, it turns out that there is a place like this in Jambi City," he said. Meanwhile, a female visitor named Niki, has been looking for the location of this tourist spot for a long time, after she saw some photos from Instagram.

"I saw Instagram, after looking for it for a long time and getting lost, I finally found this place," she said with a smile.

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