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Mushroom Houses, as a new hope for the Perdado Village residents

When you come to Palembang, don't forget to stop by and get to know the Mushroom House in Pedado Village, Kertapatih District, Palembang City. This area, known as the tidal area in the Musi river, is capable of producing the best mushrooms.

The mushroom house measuring 7 x 21 meters is known to have been born from the idea of ​​students and the community in Pedado Village which is commonly called the Rumah Belajar Ceria (RBC). Through this community, the waste from the remaining pieces of wood is processed into a source of income that has a high selling value

Mahatir Marliansyah as the supervisor admitted that he had started a business with the community since last August 2016. Initially, the RBC community was carrying out teaching and learning activities and seeing unmanaged empty spaces.

"During the teaching and learning process, we saw that there was potential that was not utilized, both the surrounding community and natural conditions that were not used due to the tides. One year, the community could only farm to plant rice once a year and we think this is a shame if not used, "explained Mahatir when met by in Kampung Pedado, Thursday (16/11/2017).

Seeing this condition, Mahatir and colleagues from the community began to conduct an assessment and found that there were pieces of wood that were not used properly. Pieces of wood that can be a medium for growing oyster mushrooms are very fertile.

In August 2016, the community started experimenting with building a mushroom house measuring 4x6 meters and it was successful. The mushroom in the house with a simple roof thrives as if it gives a lot of hope to the surrounding community.

After going for 4 months from a simple mushroom house, the RBC community started to collaborate with the surrounding community to socialize their success. What is conveyed with evidence of the harvest, makes the community even more namely.

"When we socialized, people started to believe because at that time oyster mushrooms thrived. Because indeed the cultivation medium in the form of wood waste is very supportive for the growth of this fungus," he continued.

Furthermore, in January 2017 the surrounding resident and the community began to enlarge their houses through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) funds from nearby state-owned companies. The house is now standing strong, producing 5-10 kg of mushrooms per day.

"The current selling price is IDR 20000 per kg. We as a community think this is a new breakthrough for people to increase their income, so that besides farming and fishermen they can also earn daily money," he continued.

In addition to adding to the economic value of the surrounding community, the Pedado Mushroom House is now starting to be targeted to become the center for mushroom tourism in the city of Pempek. Where the South Sumatra Culture and Tourism Office has conducted a review to support the necessary facilities.

Meanwhile, the community that used to be the prime mover, is now only a coach who continues to provide education to the surrounding community. As well as continuing to provide education to children on the banks of the Musi river.

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