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Exploring Paradise: The Allure of Bidadari Island in Jakarta

Tucked away in the middle of Jakarta Bay, Bidadari Island is a hidden treasure that intrepid travelers hoping for a peaceful diversion from the busy metropolis might come upon. 

Originally referred to as "Kuyper Island," Bidadari Island boasts an intriguing colonial past. Bidadari Island was first utilized as a quarantine island under the Dutch occupation and was then developed into a recreational area. The island's historical attractiveness is enhanced by the ruins of colonial-era buildings and relics, which provide tourists with a window into the island's past.  With its diverse range of plants and animals, Bidadari Island is a naturalist's paradise. Visitors are drawn to the island's tranquil environment, which is created by its verdant surroundings, immaculate beaches, and glistening waters. Travelers who care about the environment will find the island's biodiversity, which includes endemic bird species and colorful coral reefs, to be particularly appealing. About 60% of the plants found on this island are protected and rare species. Half of Bidadari Island still consists of fertile forests. Along the trail, can be seen up to fifty monitor lizards hiding in the tree branches. Some of them can grow as long as two meters.
Bidadari Island is a favorite tourist spot in Jakarta and the surrounding area. Its position is very close to the capital, with many transportation options, and with excellent facilities, holidays on the island will be perfect.
If we talk about water sports, we will definitely remember things like banana boats, donuts, fly boats, and flying fish. It's clear that water sports are fun, and doing them with friends is definitely even more exciting. If you want to try water sports on Bidadari Island, prices start from IDR 50k per person.

For other additional costs, namely if trying various rides like Banana Boat IDR 50K,  Donut Boat IDR 50K, Bicycle IDR 35K/30 minutes, Tour 3 islands IDR 50K, Single Organ 1 or 2 singers IDR 4.5M-5.5M/3 hours, Bonfire IDR 300K, Location Charge IDR 1.5M/6 hours, Film Shooting IDR 30M/day
Apart from that, the management provides sports facilities around this beach. These include billiards, table tennis, jogging track, beach volleyball, futsal court, and basketball court. In addition, there is a multifunctional room that can be used for special purposes.
Bidadari Island is not only beautiful but also has many interesting past stories. One of them is a story about the soul mate tree and the love that is there. Called the “matchmaking tree”, people believe that taking photos there will help unmarried people find a soul mate soon.
It turns out that Bidadari Island and Kelor Island have Fort Martello II, a legacy of Dutch colonialism. This fort on Bidadari Island used to function to guard Onrust Island. When you visit Fort Martello II, you will find that the structure was completely damaged due to the attack of the British army that year, which caused the fort to be destroyed on Bidadari Island and only its ruins remain. Fort Martello II was built with red brick in a complete circle, like Fort Martello on Kelor Island. Even though this fort was destroyed, it can still be seen that its structure was similar to the Kelor Island fort, with each floor connected by stairs.

Bidadari Island operates 24 hours a day. Tourists can visit it whenever they want. There are many things to do when staying at Bidadari Island. Taken from the names of historical areas in Jakarta such as Kemayoran, Cikini, Gandaria, Senayan Pecinaan, and others, the resort buildings on Bidadari Island are very interesting. This building not only has an interesting name, but its shape also suits the Jakarta area. This concept was created by management to make Jakarta culture better known to tourists, both local and international.
The way is to take a direct trip from Ancol Pier to Bidadari Island, where you can enjoy the sunset view while trying to swim in the infinity pool. The way is to take a direct trip from Ancol Pier to Bidadari Island, where you can enjoy the sunset view while trying to swim in the infinity pool. Bidadari Island is located on Untung Jawa Island, South Thousand Islands, Thousand Islands Regency, Special Capital Region of Jakarta. Enjoying the beauty of Bidadari Island doesn't require a lot of money. Even though the entrance ticket is cheap at IDR 5K per person, visitors must prepare money for the boat trip from Jakarta. Many places can be visited, such as Marina Ancol Beach, Mutiara Pluit, Sunda Kelapa Harbor, Kalibaru Harbor, Cakung Harbor, Tanjung Priok Harbor, and Muara Angke Harbor. The boat departs from Ancol Marina Harbor and lasts for one hour. Apart from that, there are tour packages that definitely include crossing transportation. A day trip costs IDR 550K per person and is the best choice because it includes lunch and a trip along the speed boat.

Bidadari Island is a prime example of Jakarta's many tourism options because of its unique combination of natural beauty, historical significance, and sustainability. This secret paradise suits all kinds of interests, be it adventure, cultural exploration, or just a peaceful getaway. Bidadari Island, which is developing into a sustainable tourism destination, welcomes visitors to explore the hidden treasures located just off the coast of the busy capital of Indonesia.

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