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White crater - Kawah Putih

Moving to West Java Province, in Bumi Pasundan, Bandung, there are many tourist attractions with stunning views that you must visit, one of which is Kawah Putih which is located in Ciwidey, Bandung. Located approximately 50 km south of Bandung City, this tourist attraction is a volcanic lake resulting from the eruption of Mount Patuha.

Because it is mixed with sulfur elements, the soil in this tourist area is entirely white. Interestingly, the lakes here can also change color according to their sulfur content, temperature, and climate. 

Because it is located at an altitude of 2,400 asl, the weather here is quite cold, so you are advised to wear a thick jacket. To be able to enjoy the beauty of Kawah Putih, you only need to pay an entrance ticket for IDR 15,000. At the location, there are many facilities that you can enjoy, from prayer rooms, restaurants, parking areas, and transportation from the gate to the crater.

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