Indonesian Voyage

Seribu Archipelago

Seribu Archipelago is a group of islands, both inhabited and uninhabited and located in the Sunda Strait, north of Jakarta. There are at least 5 major islands in the Thousand Islands area that are frequently visited by tourists and become favorite vacation spots for domestic and foreign tourists. These islands are the islands of Kelor, Cipir, Onrust, Rambut and Untung Jawa. Each island has its own charm and uniqueness. On the islands of Kelor, Cipir, and Onrust, visitors can see the ruins of colonial buildings and the Onrust Island museum. On Rambut Island, visitors can see various types of birds that live in their habitat firsthand.

Rambut Island is also used as a wildlife reserver for various types of Indonesian birds. While on Untung Jawa Island, you can enjoy a variety of modern water games such as speedboats, banana boats, or snorkeling.

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