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Prambanan Temple

Built on the ninth Century, Prambanan Temple is the largest Hindu temple complex in Indonesia. The first mention of Prambanan was in the Syiwagrha Inscription (856AD). With three main temples for the Trimurti; Shiva the destroyer of the universe, Vishnu the keeper of the universe, and Brahma the creator of the universe. Back in the glory days of the old Mataram Kingdom, Prambanan is used as a Candi Agung for various royal and religious ceremonies.

The high structures are typical of Hindu architecture, and the plan of the temple complex is a Mandala, as is Borobudur. As a symbol of the Hindu cosmos, the temple is vertically divided into three parts, both vertically and in plan. The three part is divided into Jaba/Bhurloka, Tengahan/Bhuvarloka, and Njeron/Svarloka.

At the Garbagriha (innermost sanctum) of this temple sits a three meters statue of Shiva. Prambanan as a Hindu Temple was made High and slim compared to Borobudur, with the main Shiva shrine stands 47 meters in the middle of the complex surrounded with smaller temples. Prambanan has a bas-relief on the inner side of the gate around the three main shrine. The bas-relief tells the story about Ramayana and can be read from the east gate clockwise around the inner compound.

How to Get There
The nearest major cities are Yogyakarta, 17 kilometres to the south west and Solo about 40 kilometres to the north east. The main road connecting these two large cities passes right by Prambanan and this makes transport links very straightforward. The nearest actual town to Prambanan is Klaten, about 3 km to the north.
Both Solo and Yogyakarta had international airports. Yogyakarta International Airport is currently serving international flights from Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. While Solo Adi Soemarmo airport is serving flights from Kuala Lumpur.

From Tugu Yogyakarta Train Station / Malioboro
Taxis and car rentals are available around Malioboro and Tugu Yogyakarta train station. For public transportation option, Trans Jogja bus is available at mangkubumi bus stop in Malioboro. Use the 1A bus and stop at Prambanan bus stop. From there you can cross the road to reach the Temple.

Use the Trans Jogja bus lane 1A to get to Prambanan. Alternatively, you could use the inter province bus heading to Solo or Surabaya and stop in front of the Temple.The Trans Jogja bus usually available around every 15 minutes or so depending on the traffic. While inter province bus only accessible from Giwangan Bus Station every hour.From Yogyakarta International Airport

Public transport available around the airport to Yogyakarta city. You can find DAMRI Bus and Shuttle (SatelQu) around the airport. If you enjoy travelling by train, you can take Prameks and Airport train from Wojo Train Station.

If you choose to ride a car, there are taxi and online taxi that will take about 64km from the airport.
Private Vehicle
The Temple is located on the Solo - Yogya road at km 16. Yogya Solo road is a stretch of national road running from the center of Yogya to Solo. To get to this road you can head east in the Yogya outer ring road. Or follow the road eastward from Ambarrukmo Plaza. The temple is right on the edge of the road.

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