Indonesian Voyage

Fort Marlborough

If you happen to be in Bengkulu and enjoy historical sights, try visiting Fort Marlborough, which is located in Segara Bay, Kebun Keling, Bengkulu. A little information, this building is a British heritage fort and was built by EIC (East India Company) in 1713. The initial purpose of building this fort was as a point of defense for Britain from enemy attacks. According to the story, Fort Fort Marlborough was the second strongest fortress in the East ever built by the British. After changing hands from the British government to the Netherlands, the Netherlands to Japan,

Japan to Indonesia, until it was re-occupied by the Dutch, this fort was finally officially managed by the local Ministry of Education and Culture to be restored and used as a cultural heritage. If you intend to come here, come between 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. because this tourist spot is only open to the public at these hours.

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