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Mas Harun Bastari Lake at Bengkulu

Hi friends, do you know what tourist attractions that are right to visit with your family? Well, for those of you who are still wondering about the right tourist spot for your family, maybe Mas Harun Bastari Lake tourist attraction located in Bengkulu can be used as a recommendation for your family's tour later, friends. Because with a trip to Mas Harun Bastari Lake, you will get everything you want to get when you are on vacation. Mas Harun Bastari Lake, which is located in the Selupu Rejang sub-district where its location is very close to a beautiful hill called Kaba, is one of the most attractive tourist attractions in Bengkulu. Which is only by visiting this lake attraction, your family vacation will be spoiled with a million beautiful views of the lake which is very beautiful and with several facilities to increase the satisfaction of your vacation at Mas Harun Bastari Lake. So, if you are still curious about the Mas Harun Bastari Lake family tour in Bengkulu, let's see the review below.

Mas Harun Bastari Lake which is one of the right tourist spots for your family, of course in this tourist spot your family will be very happy, because Mas Harun Bastari Lake has quite a lot of games made especially for children to adults. Even in this lake attraction, there are also several boats and water bikes that you can use around the lake, and on this lake tour, a carousel and a swing can be enjoyed by children. Apart from this, Mas Harun Bastari lake tour which is surrounded by hills which adds to the beauty of the lake is increasingly captivating for tourists to visit the Mas Harun Bastari Lake. A very beautiful lake view is added by the presence of several vegetable plants that look very fresh, the more it makes your eyes pampered.

Those are some reviews regarding Mas Harun Bastari Lake family tour in Bengkulu. Hopefully it will make your vacation enjoyable at the lake attraction.

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